CICLONE - 1972 Bay Stallion -15.1 Hands

[Easy jet - Sally Rastus by Custus Rastus TB]
Breeder: Lewis M. Blackwell

SI 107 Multiple Stakes Placed Winner of $31,387
53 starts, 8 wins, 7 seconds, 11thirds

                           1974 MND 350 3RD Tall City Futurity
                           1974 ALB 400 3rd Jet Deck Stakes
                           1974 ALB 400 3rd Juvenile Handicap
                           1976 Superior Race Horse
                           1976 New Track Record FNO 350 17.62

Ciclone retired sound after racing from age two to six.  SOME OF THE MAJOR STAKES HORSES AND CHAMPIONS HE OUTRAN DURING HIS CAREER INCLUDE:

               Sinn Fein SI 98 $51,087                                                             Showum Jet SI 98 $151,522 
               Little Blue Sheep SI 105 $389,365 - 1977/1978 AQHA Racing Champion Aged Mare

                                                                                         Triple Beat SI 95 $103,388

               David Capri SI 102 $120,341 - 1974 Champion Quarter Running 2 YR Old Gelding

               Chicory Moon SI 102 $172,892 - 1973 Champion Quarter Running 3 YR Old Gelding

                                    SOME OF THE RUNNERS CICLONE SIRED INCLUDE:
                                                                                              Rough Hurricane SI 90 $16,720
               He Is Twister SI 98 $14,185
                                                                                              Iama Ciclone Jet SI 96 $11,755
               Heza Ciclone SI 93 $11,471
                                                                                              Ciclones Flash SI 93 $8,797
               Suz Easter Classic SI 90 $7,077
                                                                                              Ciclone Ellen SI 98 $6,705
               Count Ciclone SI 99
                                                                                              Ez Ras SI 96


               Suz Classic Bid SI 94 $5,302 - Open Performance Register of Merit (P-13.5)

               Ciclomatic – Achievement 1988 Youth World Show Breakaway Roping 7th place

               Hurricane Jamaica, Open P-8.0, Amateur P-4.0, Youth P-2.0 -  Western Pleasure.

SIRE SUMMARY FOR CICLONE (as of 05/06/2006)

CICLONE: 190-foals, 79-performers, 35-race winners, 1-stakes winner, 2-stakes placed, $136,827,  38-ROM, 18-90+, 1-performance ROM, 7-performance point earners, 0-superior race awards, 32.5- performance points earned all divisions combined. 

Snow Clone, a daughter of Ciclone [Ciclone - Karen Time by Overtime Leo], was the 2nd dam of Ciclone Hauler who appeared as "Pilgrim" in the 1998 movie, "The Horse Whisperer".

Hurricane Jamaica, a daughter of [Ciclone - Jamaica Jill by Lady’s Black Eagle], produced 15    registered foals of which 8 were performers that accumulated 98.0 points combined, with $3,427 NRHA earnings. Two of her performers were world show qualifiers:
  Isle Be A Wonder – Achievement: 1991 Amateur World Show Tie-Down Roping 10th place
  Slide To Jamaica – Achievement: 2002 Open Qualified JR Reining World Show, 2003 Open 
  Qualified SR Reining World Show.

“The dam of Hurricane Jamaica, Jamaica Jill had been used as a High School Rodeo Horse for The Ursel Delay’s daughter, of Ogallala, Nebraska. Jamaica Jill was sorrel with a big blaze, white legs, and she stood around 14.1 hands. After their daughter went off to school to become a doctor, the Delays boarded her out. When “Jill” was about 18 years old they gave her to me. She had only foaled once before this and I soon discovered she had some breeding problems.  I partnered up with someone else to share the vet expenses and the resulting exposure to Ciclone was a sorrel filly with four white feet. I sold my interest in Hurricane Jamaica, to my partner when she was just a weanling." – Doug Hobelman

“One of the things I remember about Ciclone was his blemish free soundness. I don’t recall a mark on him. He was very correct with good hoof and bone. Wide and strong in the front end, he looked liked he could drag steers all day long. There was an air of indifferent confidence about him. Very much a stud, tough as leather, and even though he was bred for speed he didn't ever appear to be nervous or high strung.

Ciclone wasn’t mean but he was strong minded and very quick. Because of this, those of us that handled him had a very specific procedure we followed, when breeding mares.  On one particular occasion I recall observing his calm-quickness:

Former employee, now long time friend, Doug Saner was handling Ciclone while we were preparing to cover a mare. Doug was very much at attention, with the lead in one hand and a quirt in the other. In a flash, Ciclone struck with one hoof, just tapping the hand that was holding his lead. Doug who is fairly quick himself, didn’t even have a chance to flinch.  Each time we handled Ciclone we expected  his aggressive nature to unveil itself, but because of his "cool like demeanor", it was still easy to be caught off guard by him.

During the height of Easy Jet's fame, (he was syndicated for $30 Million), a bloodstock agent from Texas brought two South American business men to Oshkosh to look at Ciclone. When my partner and I were introduced to them, it didn’t appear that they understood English. They were searching for a son of Easy Jet to take back to their country. My partner and I had priced him at $60,000 to the agent. Somehow in the scoop of it all, we found out that the trader was trying to get them to agree to purchase Ciclone on contract from him for $120,000, so he could pay us our asking price of $60,000. The South American sale never was consummated. We were told that they wanted a more flashy son of Easy Jet. Ciclone was just a plain bay with no white on him. I later sold my half interest to my partner for $30,000 and a year or so later he sold Ciclone to a man in Texas.

Looking back, I believe that Ciclone didn't have the opportunity to prove himself as a better race horse sire due to the caliber of mares that came to his court. The majority of his runners were out of unproven mares.” – Doug Hobelman

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